Quivr Empowers Ponti Capital to Scale Customer Support and Enhance Development Workflow

A journey of transformation: Quivr empowered Ponti Capital to overcome code challenges, boost customer support, and streamline development for their golf app, Roundabout.

Brian Laleye
Published on
June 24, 2024

Quivr Gives Ponti Capital a Boost: A Journey towards Supercharging Support and Streamlining Dev Work

Ponti Capital, under the leadership of Alan Wells, recently acquired Roundabout, a mobile application designed to assist golfers in tracking and improving their game performance. Despite Alan's extensive background in web, mobile, and machine learning technologies, he faced a significant challenge due to his unfamiliarity with Swift and Node.js, the primary technologies used in the app's codebase. The acquisition came with minimal documentation and no engineering handoff from the previous owner, leaving Alan in need of a robust solution to streamline his workflow and support the app's ongoing development.

What Were the Main Challenges?

Lack of Documentation and Context

Alan needed to quickly familiarize himself with the inherited codebase to effectively develop new features and address bugs. The absence of sufficient documentation and prior context posed a significant barrier to achieving this.

Efficient Customer Support

The application’s user base frequently encountered issues that required deep understanding of the code. Alan struggled to provide prompt and accurate support without extensive knowledge of the system's intricacies.

What Was the Target?

  • Enhance Development Workflow: Improve the ability to query and understand the codebase and related documentation efficiently.
  • Scale Customer Support: Utilize AI to draft accurate and helpful responses to customer inquiries, aiming for eventual full automation.
  • Content Summarization: Efficiently summarize and repurpose content from various sources for marketing and support purposes.

Which Criteria to Rely On to Select the Technical Partner?

Alan sought a solution capable of handling and integrating multimodal content—including text, images, and source code—into a unified, searchable, and summarizable format. The RAG solution needed to support the seamless integration of existing data sources and streamline the workflow for both development and customer support.

In Search of Solutions and Identification of their Limitations

  • Google AI Search: Provided relevant results but lacked summarization capabilities.
  • Google Gemini Model: Generated high-quality support responses from the code repository but couldn’t incorporate other content types.
  • ChatGPT: Lacked an associated knowledge repository.
  • Glean: Did not support querying the source code repository.
  • Custom RAG Solution: Time-intensive to build and maintain.
  • Other Tools: Limited to specific data sources

Implementation of Quivr

Quivr offered an AI-powered solution that met Alan’s requirements by integrating diverse content types into a single platform. The tool indexed and summarized content across text, images, and code, making it easy for Alan to query and retrieve relevant information.

Key Actions Taken:

  • Enhanced Documentation Integration: Quivr’s ability to ingest and summarize the entire content library, including technical documentation, allowed Alan to quickly get up to speed with the Roundabout app’s codebase.
  • AI-Powered Customer Support: The AI-driven chat interface provided Alan with accurate and contextually relevant responses to customer inquiries, significantly reducing the time spent on support tasks.

Practical Outcomes of Going with Quivr

Improved Development Efficiency

Quivr’s indexing and summarization capabilities allowed Alan to gain a comprehensive understanding of the codebase, leading to faster and more effective development of new features and bug fixes.

Scaled Customer Support

The AI-powered responses not only improved customer satisfaction by providing prompt and accurate answers but also allowed Alan to focus more on development and strategic tasks.

Set the grounds to fully automate customer support responses

Setting the technical foundations to ensure accuracy in answers will help Ponti Capital closer to their goal of fully automating customer support.


Quivr has proven to be an invaluable tool for Ponti Capital, enabling Alan Wells to overcome the challenges associated with the acquisition of the Roundabout app. By integrating and summarizing diverse content types, Quivr has streamlined both development and customer support processes, contributing to the app’s ongoing success and growth.

For more information on how Quivr can transform your business operations, visit Quivr’s website.

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